Statement to League of Women Voters

Statement to League of Women Voters

Statement to League of Women Voters
September 27, 2022

Good evening, my name is Richard Williams, and I am the Republican Candidate for Kane County Board District 18 which covers the Mill Creek Subdivision, the Villages of Elburn, Lily Lake, Burlington, Virgil, and Maple Park.

I have been a resident of Kane County for almost 27 years. My wife Jennifer and I moved to Elburn in 1995, where I started my legal career for an Elburn law firm representing individuals and business with their legal needs, as well as municipalities, fire protection districts, school districts, and library districts in Kane County. In 1999, my family and I moved to the Mill Creek Subdivision where we have resided ever since. Both our sons attended and graduated from Geneva public schools.

In 2007, I founded my law practice in Geneva, and since that time the practice has grown to a firm of 10 attorneys concentrating in a variety of specialties.

I have been involved in many community and civic organizations over the years. I am an elected member of the Kane County Regional Board of School Trustees, the current president of the Between Friends Food Pantry of Sugar Grove, and the past President and former Board Member of the Mill Creek Water Reclamation District.

I believe my professional and civic experience makes me highly qualified to serve the residents of Kane County District 18 as their elected board member, and would be honored to do so.

Our nation is facing an economic crisis. Inflation is at 40 year record highs and the increasing cost of living is taking a major toll on working families in Kane County. People are feeling the pinch in their pocket-books.

Presently, the Kane County Board is considering a tax increase at a time when County residents are being hit with skyrocketing costs. One County Board member has cavalierly characterized the increase as the equivalent of a “couple of martinis and a tip.” I hear the residents in my district loud and clear, that the answer to our budget problems is not to raise taxes, but for the County to live within its means. If elected, I will do my best to keep our taxes and irresponsible spending in check.

We are also facing an unprecedented challenge to our criminal justice system. Springfield recently enacted legislation which eliminates cash bail, increases the cost of police departments to operate, makes it more difficult for our judges to keep alleged violent criminals behind bars, and is a disincentive for good people to seek careers in law enforcement. This legislation, if left as is, will eliminate cash bail for crimes such as aggravated robbery, burglary, second degree murder, and all drug offenses, including delivery of fentanyl. We need to support the police to keep our communities safe, because unless there is a change in the law in Springfield, our criminal justice system will be facing increased pressures.

My district includes many of the western townships and is largely rural in character. Our open space and farmland areas west of Randall Road are an asset to our County, and we need to do what we can to preserve our rural character in western Kane County and control growth and sprawl.

Safety on County roads is a major concern. Several young drivers have been killed or severely injured in the last two months alone on County highways. We should be allocating dollars in our transportation budget to find ways to minimize the risk of these tragic accidents and keep drivers safe.

Quality of life is a key aspect of why we live in Kane County, and if elected, I vow to do my best to preserve the rural character of our County and our quality of life so that we can continue to be proud to call Kane County our home. Thank you for your time and attention.

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